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2007 Volvo XC90
Time left: 00:48:06 Left
2009 Maserati GRANTURISMO
Time left: 01:01:23 Left
2007 Volkswagen PASSAT
Time left: 01:47:13 Left
2001 Honda CIVIC
Time left: 02:41:11 Left
2002 Ford MUSTANG
Time left: 02:42:25 Left
2006 Audi A3
Time left: 03:44:40 Left
2012 Chevrolet MALIBU
Time left: 03:46:33 Left
2017 Audi Q3
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I joined your site when looking to sell my old Ford Fusion two years ago, but I continue to find hidden treasures on your site now that I'm back to buy a car with your help!

Nov 15th 2015


Dealing with your auction is really better than I expected! I found the car of my dreams, a Corvette for less than the down payment on a new car. Incredible!

Febr 13th 2015


Anyone considering a used vehicle shouldn't even think of buying any other way. Public Auto Auction has so many valuable deals to offer… I'm fond of it!

May 29th 2015

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