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Chevy Camaro is back with a four-cylinder engine, after 30 years!

05/11/2016 13:20:40
Chevy Camaro is back with a four-cylinder engine, after 30 years!
In 2016 Chevy is back with many surprises for customers, it's offering a four-banger and is totally worth your time and money.

Chevy Camaro is a really popular model but some of you might have forgotten when it had a four-cylinder engine under its hood, because it's been 30 years ago. Now in 2016 Chevy is back again, but this time with many surprises for customers. Chevy Camaro is offering a four-banger and is totally worth  your time and money.




The four-cylinder and the six-speed manual transmission will make things easier for its driver. The four-cylinder engine rates at 275 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. In just 5,5 seconds it will hustle to 60 miles per hour and will get up to 31 miles per gallon on the highway, in just a few words it's a “no excuses engine”. Most probably the higher output you'll get is 335 hp V6 or a V8.




You will feel lucky and enthusiastic by having a chance to drive this Camaro 2.0T, because it doesn't just look like those cars from popular Hollywood movies, it has plenty of power also, and might be considered as a fuel-economy option. It's easy to handle and sounds good considering its turbo four. This Camaro makes a transition from hefty American muscle car to a sophisticated and sinewy model. It's totally not that Chevy we're used to, which is another plus for the car.




The new model might have some strong competition on its way to hit the markets, because of many other models that will be launched soon and it will cost around $27.000.


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